gioberti – Chaqueta impermeable de lluvia gioberti chamarra Chaqueta – Marino 323badf -

gioberti – Chaqueta impermeable de lluvia gioberti chamarra Chaqueta – Marino 323badf

100% poliéster chamarra impermeable desarrollada con la última tecnología de resistente al agua que absorbe la humedad en contacto para asegurar que usted se deja secar en climas húmedos/días lluviosos
Totalmente costuras selladas para candado y la lluvia entren en la chamarra junto con un totalmente forro de malla en el interior para proporcionar transpirabilidad y comodidad que permite que el exceso de calor y Vaper para escapar durante tus actividades diarias
Solapa de cierre de velcro Superposición de la cierre frontal para asegurar sequedad desde cualquier ángulo bajo la lluvia te da
2?bolsillos con cierre con solapa superpuesta y con un cordón de ajuste en el dobladillo
Tapa protectora con capucha ajustable cuerda, para cierre velcro y pu?os con sellado
  • gioberti – Chaqueta impermeable de lluvia gioberti chamarra Chaqueta – Marino 323badf -

    Do you need to increase your presence and gravitas? Do you want to improve your skills at running meetings and facilitating conversations? Do you have trouble responding to unexpected questions? Do people sometimes have trouble understanding you because of a foreign accent? Do you need to strengthen your ability to influence and persuade?
    Accent Reduction

    Private sessions, custom designed to meet your specific needs. We offer packages of five one-hour sessions, which include digital recordings of each session, along with email and phone support.

    Sound Like a Leader

    We equate confident speakers with leadership. The ability to communicate knowledge and competence is essential to anyone in a leadership role. Sounding like a leader increases your ability to improve sales, increase profits and provide influence.

    Executive Success

    You have done all the hard work, earned a top spot, and are working in a leadership role. Your experience and skills are deep, but are you successfully communicating that knowledge to others?

    Team Building, Off-Sites and Retreats

    The Brain-Voice ConnectionTM is the perfect choice when you need to fill one, two or three hours of a singular day. Anna Bernstein, owner of The Brain-Voice ConnectionTM, performed comedy in New York City for over ten years

    gioberti – Chaqueta impermeable de lluvia gioberti chamarra Chaqueta – Marino 323badf
    Accent Reduction Training:
    Chinese Speaker


          Before - Brain-Voice


          After - Brain-Voice
    Romanian Speaker


          Before - Brain-Voice


          After - Brain-Voice
    Israeli Speaker


          Before - Brain-Voice


          After - Brain-Voice
    Russian Speaker


          Before - Brain-Voice


          After - Brain-Voice

    The Cobalt Group

    “Anna is masterful in working with executives to clarify and increase the impact of their public speaking. She is fearless in advocating for the audience and challenging ineffective communication styles. All of our executives valued her objective feedback and coaching in support of our national sales meeting.”

    Chris Reed

    Microsoft Corporation

    “The Brain-Voice Connection™ is an excellent program designed and taught by Anna Bernstein. She helps many immigrant professionals like myself to do better in day to day communication while working in the United States. The intricacies of American pronunciation and accent are very well covered in this program. I feel much more confident and productive after undergoing this program.”

    Sumeet Mittal
    Program Mgr.

    Orange & Rockland

    “Working with Anna helped me learn how to speak clearly and with great impact to a room full of board members. She also made me stop saying the New Yorker’s “you know.” She has had a lasting, positive impact on me.”

    John D. McMahon
    President & CEO

    Microsoft Corporation

    “Anna helps you unpack presenting and public speaking and then shows you how to deliver on the goals of a presentation brick by brick. It is invaluable guidance that has helped me become a more engaging speaker at every level, from presentations at work to reading stories to my kids!”

    Matthew Tams

    The Institute of Naturopathic Sleep Medicine

    “Anna clearly has mastered voice coaching. Whatever concern I raised, she had a technique right on hand to resolve it. She helped me let go of my ‘little girl’ voice. Now my voice and speaking style reflect the confidence I have in my subject area.”

    Dr. Catherine Darley
    Founder gioberti – Chaqueta impermeable de lluvia gioberti chamarra Chaqueta – Marino 323badf
    Anna Bernstein
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    The Brain-Voice ConnectionTM story

    It all began while Anna Bernstein was working as a singing coach in New York City. She was approached by a Wall Street businessman in distress. Let’s call him David.

    David confided in Anna that he was getting talked over in meetings. David had a lot to say, and was good at his job. However, because of this issue, he was concerned about his career prospects.

    David asked for Anna’s help to increase his professional success.

    Anna had a foundation in teaching singing. She augmented these voice techniques by studying neuroscience research. Anna expanded her teaching repertoire by exploring how our brain influences our voice. She applied her skills to David’s issue.

    David’s confidence soared. With Anna’s help, he began speaking up in meetings more and more often. Not only did he speak up: when David spoke up, people listened.

    David made an impact, captivated his audience, and was easily understood during meetings.

    The meetings that used to cause David stress, now opened the door for him to get promoted.

    David’s success provided Anna with an ‘Aha!’ moment of inspiration. First, she founded Voice Success in 1995. Over the next several years, Anna evolved her methodology into what it is today. In 2003 Anna moved to Seattle and launched her innovative and effective business.

    Anna’s rich and varied background informs her approach with the variety of clients she helps every day.

    In her previous life, Anna was a stockbroker at Smith Barney, so she knows all about pressure. Anna was a professional singing and voice-training coach, so she knows how to teach. Believe it or not, Anna was also on stage performing in Off Broadway shows, so she knows about overcoming butterflies, regaining poise, and sounding fantastic.

    From entry-level employees, to salespeople, and all the way up to the top with corporate executives, Anna can help you command the presence you desire. And, for anyone who needs to speak to the media, look no further. Anna can prepare you to speak confidently and get to the point for more memorable sound-bites.

    Enhance your presence. Increase your gravitas. SOUND LIKE A LEADER.

    gioberti – Chaqueta impermeable de lluvia gioberti chamarra Chaqueta – Marino 323badf -

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